Résumés and CVs

You can’t have just one! I have extensive experience developing engaging learning experiences and managing groups of individuals principally in the 18–25-year-old demographic with the goal of stimulating curiosity and mentoring students to produce high-quality, original, research-based written work on a variety of topics with humanistic import. As a program manager, I led a group of 18+ colleagues in collaborative program development, hired and provided formative evaluation of faculty, maintained the quality of our course offerings through regular assessments, and oversaw a $1.4m budget. I am a writer with a deep sense of situational, informational, and digital literacy, allowing me to communicate effectively in different contexts. I have recently acquired strong entry-level expertise in data analysis and visualization, which helps me design more compelling content in contexts ranging from the classroom to research, grant proposal, and report writing, and I am completing a Google certification in Project Management.


Curriculum Vita

Administrative Curriculum Vita

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