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H. Hiter Harris Excellence in Instructional Technology Award

Literature in Context Grant Award

Assessment & Program Development

Data Analysis on 4-Year Private Institutions in the US (using IPEDS data)

Outcomes Assessment Report (Biennial) – contact for access

5-year Academic Program Review – contact for access

Digital Writing & Narrative Design Program Proposal – contact for access

Selected Instructional Technology Bites

Timeline JS: Here is a blog post about using Timeline JS in the classroom, with samples and information related to the timeline-building tool.

Using iMovie in the classroom for critical analysis (coming soon)

Using Twine in the classroom for critical analysis (more coming soon)

Handouts: Transcribing for public good. Here is a collection of handouts used in an upper level literature class, for which one project was related to cleaning “dirty” OCR and getting a better sense of 18th century publication habits. This project has since been adapted for lower-level classes and was co-presented at a 2015 professional conference.

Wikipedia (authoring and analysis) Assignments and Class Activities: A collection of handouts and activities, used in core literature classes, and presented at another 2015 conference.

Wikipedia workshop with faculty colleagues

Audiobooks, Wikipedia, and TypeWright are discussed in this SOTL article, “Non-Fatal Inquiry: Love in Excess, Print, and the Internet Age” (MLA Approaches to Teaching)

Sample student podcasts from a 200-level online course are available here, uploaded by the creators: Podcasts

Websites as Arguments (coming soon)

Optimal Canvas Setup: 5-Part Blog Series. The Importance of Clarity, The First thing Students See, Modules, Due Dates and Ungraded Reading Assignments, Where’s the Feedback?

Chronicle of Higher Education ProfHacker: Teaching Carnival Blogs 5.05 and 5.01

Selected Professional Development

AAUP Summer Institute, sessions on Understanding University Budget, Advocacy Organizing, Impact of COVID-19 (Online) July 2021

ADE Summer Seminar North (Ann Arbor, MI) July 8-12, 2018

CIC Workshop for Department and Division Chairs (Williamsburg, VA) April 8–10, 2018

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Necessary Dialogues in the Classroom  (Marymount University) August 18, 2020

Diversifying the Curriculum and Careers in English(MLA Association of Departments of English), July 9-12, 2018

Digital Pedagogy Lab (Online, University of Colorado, Denver), July 26-August 2, 2020

Quality Matters: Standards of Online Learning Certification, 2019

Marymount Writing Fellow, 2015, 2017

Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer Seminar (TEI Seminar), June, 2014

Digital Humanities Summer Institute (Victoria, BC, Canada), June 3-9, 2012 

The Humanities and Technology Camp (Center for History and New Media), June 2011 

THATCamp Bootcamp (Center for History and New Media), June 2011 

The Humanities and Technology Camp (Center for History and New Media), June 2010 

Summer Seminar in Disability, Gender & Culture (University of West Virginia), May 21-24, 2009

Promotion Portfolio

Feel free to browse my academic promotion portfolio from 2017. Note that some links may not be updated as time has passed.

Service to the Profession

Fulbright National Screening Committee Member: UK (2020, 2021)

Chesapeake Digital Humanities Consortium, Member and Conference Committee (2019-present)

Digital Humanities Section EditorABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830 (2017-present)

Marymount Delegate; Web and Publications Editor, Virginia Humanities Conference (2016-present)

President and Convenor, Virginia Humanities Conference (2014-2015)

Marymount Delegate, Virginia Humanities Conference (2013-present)

“The Doctor Is in,” Professional Academic Mentorship at ASECS (2015, 2016)

18th Connect, Steering Committee Member (2015-2019)

Digital Humanities Quarterly, Reviewer (2015-present)

Anvil Publications, Reviewer (2014)

ASECS DH Caucus, Founding Member (2013-present)

NINES, Executive Committee Member (2012-2016)

ABO: An Interactive Journal of Women in the Arts, 1640-1830, Founding Web Editor (2011-2012)

National Endowment for the Humanities, Digital Humanities Startup Grant Reviewer (2011)

Service to the University

Academic Policy, Budget, and Planning Committee (2019-2021)

Chair, Department of Literature & Languages  (2018-2021)

Chair, Faculty Employment and Benefits Committee (2017-2018)

Chair, Rank and Tenure Committee (2016-2017)

Faculty Employment and Benefits Committee  (2016-2019)

Ad Hoc Liberal Studies Committee (2015-2016)

Rank and Tenure Committee (Summer 2015-2017)

Online Learning Strategic Taskforce (Spring 2015-2016)

Director, Graduate Program in English and Humanities (2011-2014)

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee (2013-2014)

Graduate Studies Committee (2012-2014)

Liberal Arts Core Assessment (2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018)

blueink Literary Arts Faculty Reader (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

Hiring Committee Co-Chair, English Department (Americanist Position, 2013)

IT Services Director Faculty Hiring Representative (2013-2014)

Graduate Assistant Supervisor (2010-2014); Undergraduate Work Study Supervisor (2018-2021) 

University Technology Committee (2008-2012)

Hiring Committee Chair, English Department (Early Americanist Position, 2011)

Academic Instructional Resources Committee (2010-2011)

Ethics Committee (2009-present)

Summer Orientation Classes (2008-2009, 2012, 2018)

Undergraduate and/or Graduate Open House Representation (2007-present)

Instructional Technologist Hiring Committee (2012)

Faculty Awards Committee (2009-2012)

Hiring Committee Chair, English Department (Medievalist, 2010)

E-Portfolio Selection Committee (2010)

Classroom Coordinating Committee (2009-2013)

Hiring Committee Chair, English Department (Early Modernist, 2010)

Hiring Committee Member, English Department (Composition/Rhetoric Position, 2007)

Hiring Committee Member, English Department (Creative Writing Position, 2007) 

Magnificat Literary Magazine Designer, Editor, Web Developer (2007-2012)

Chair, Academic Instructional Resources Committee (2008-2010)

Composition Program Review, Pilot Development (2008)

Undergraduate Academic Standards Committee (2007-2008)

Spring Commencement Faculty Marshal (2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Honors, Grants & Awards

Under Review: VIVA Open Course Grant ($30,000)

School of Design, Arts, and Humanities Scholarship Award (2020)

VFIC H. Hiter Harris III Excellence in Instructional Technology Award (2019; $2,500)

Discover Summer Research Grant (2019, 2018, 2017, 2015; $4,000)

NEH Digital Humanities Level 2 Advancement Grant, Literature in Context: An Open Anthology. Co-PIs Tonya Howe, John O’Brien (UVa), Christine Ruotolo (UVa Library). Total 18-month (Jan 2018-June 2019; Outright Funding: $72,542)

Discover Summer Research Grant with Graduate and Undergraduate Students (2018; $1,000)

Nominated for the VFIC H. Hiter Harris, Jr. Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (2019)

Marymount University Writing Fellow (2016, 2017)

VFIC Mednick Grant for Novels in Context project (2015, $5,000)

Sabbatical Grant: Novels in Context (Fall 2014)

Faculty Development Grant to attend Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer Seminar  (2013; $1,500)

Faculty Development Grant to attend Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer Seminar  (2013; $1,500)

Faculty Development Grant to attend DHSI, University of Victoria (2012;  $1,500)

School of Arts & Sciences, Annual Service Award         2009

Faculty Development Grant to attend WVU Seminar in Disability, Gender & Culture (2009; $1,000)

VFIC Mednick Grant for research at Yale University and the Lewis Walpole Library (2008; $5,000)

University of Michigan Initiative in Disability Studies UMInDS Dissertation Award (2005; $3,500)

Selected Student Mentorship & Advising

Summer Humanities Research Institute Faculty, “All the World’s a Stage.” Summer 2019. 

Mark (Joey) Robbins, “”Geno/Transphobia and Xenomorphs,” presented at the Virginia Humanities Conference, Virginia Wesleyan University, April 2019.

Mark Robbins (MA, ENHUM), “The Passion of Oroonoko”; Ahmad Abu-Jamous (MA, ENHUM), “How Fantomina Showcased Feminism through Writing”; Hussa Almalik (MA, ENHUM), “Gender Performance in Fantomina”; Veda Frye (MA, ENHUM), “Defining Black Identity through Film,” papers presented at the Marymount Student Research Conference, April 2019.

Brooke Hillenbrand, “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby : The Difference Between Print and Picture”; Ariana Sutsakhan, “Four Perspectives, One Life Story”; Josh Giardina, “Digital Approach to Poe’s Short Story The Gold Bug”; Aisha Dahir “The Narratives Surrounding The World’s Most Dangerous Place to Some / Nation of Poets to Others,” posters presented at the Marymount Student Research Conference, April 2019.

Elizabeth Ramos, “Fluidity in Chicano Poetry,” presented at the Virginia Humanities Conference, Virginia Wesleyan University, April 2019.

Sabrina Koumoin (BS, IT), NEH Student Research Assistant. Fall 2018-Spring 2019.

Amy Ridderhof (MA, ENHUM) and James West (BS, ECON and EN Minor), Discover Summer Research. Summer 2018.

Nhu-Phuong Duong, “Ethnography in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”; Amy Ridderhof, “The Nameless Mode of Naming the Unnameable”: (Un)coding the Non-human in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein“; Allyson Freeland, “Framing Sentiment in Shelley’s Frankenstein”; Vincent Faiella, “Creativity in Activities of Digital Humanities,” presented at the Marymount Student Research Conference, April 2018.

Kaitlyn Giblin, ““To nobody belonging, by nobody was noticed”: Navigating the Bounds of Feminine Authority and Female Authorship in Frances Burney’s Evelina,” East-Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, November 2-4, 2017.

Amanda Bourne, “Imagining the Artist: Images of Virginia Woolf in Postmodern Narratives.” Presented at the International Annual Virginia Woolf Conference, Leeds Trinity University, June 16-19, 2016.

—. Presented at the Virginia Humanities Conference, Virginia Military Institute, May 30, 2016. 

—. Presented at the Marymount Student Research Conference, April 2016. Watch Video.

Elizabeth Ricketts, “‘Whatever Title Please Thine Ear’: Ambivalence and Mimicry in A Modest Proposal” Presented at Notre Dame University, American Conference for Irish Studies, March 30-April 2, 2016.

Daniel Rudd (BS, IT), Nigel Patterson (BS, IT), Gregory Arfuso (BS, IT), Discover Summer Research. Summer 2015.

Channon Fulton, “The School for Scandal: Gossip Then and Popular Media Now” Presented at  Longwood University, Virginia Humanities Conference, March 21, 2014

Richard Henkle, “With This Ring I Thee Wed: Marriage in Mary Pix’s The Beau Defeated (1700).” Presented at College of William and Mary, Graduate Research Symposium, March 21-22, 2014

Mary Kate Mulligan, “Women in Patricia Highsmith’s Novels,” presented at the Popular Culture Association of America professional conference, 2012

Adrianne Morris, “The Rolling Wheel of Capitalism,” presented at the Popular Culture Association of America professional conference, 2012

Martinelle Allen, “Another Brick in the Wall: The Rise and Fall of Guy Haines’ Psychological Prison.” Presented at the William and Mary Graduate Research Symposium, Williamsburg VA, 2013

Alyce Sustko,“Exploring Religion in Pottermania: Why American Consumers Love the Harry Potter Series.” Presented at the Popular Culture Association of America. Washington, DC, 2013

Mary Kate Mulligan, “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am!: Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Role in the American Suffrage Movement” Presented at the Popular Culture Association of America. Washington, DC, 2013

Visual Arts Senior Project Advising, Jennifer Lillis, Printmaking, Fall 2012

LIST Club Faculty mentor, Marymount University, 2012-2017

Theater Club Faculty Mentor, Marymount University, 2007-2010

Master’s Thesis Advising

Mark (Joey) Robbins, “Metamodern Monstrosity,” Summer 2020

Kaitlyn Giblin, “Maternal Matrices: Motherhood and Authority from Burney to Bronte,” April 2019

Alyce Sustko, “Exploring Pottermania: The Influence of the Post-Modern Sacred in American Mass Culture,”  April 2013 

Martinelle Allen, “Representations of Tragic and Auspicious Passing in The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man and Flight,” April 2013

Lindsay Murphy, “Canonized Rape Culture: Reading ‘Good Country People’ and ‘Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?’” December 2012

Rawan Alnefaee, “Jane Eyre as the Reformed Pamela: A Contrastive Analysis of the Courtship Patterns in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Samuel Richardson’s Pamela,” December 2012

Stephanie Szkutak, “Judith Leyster and the Impact of Gender and Gaze in Seventeenth-Century Genre Painting,” April 2010 

Michelle Whittaker, “Hakuna Matata—No Worries: Walt Disney World and the Imagineering of the Family Vacation,” April 2010

Emily Dewey, “Rhetoric and Deformity in Shakespeare’s Soliloquies,” April 2009 

Angela Michelle Bolger, “Joseph Conrad: The Darkness of it All,” April 2009 

Laura Makransky, “Emasculating the Patriarchy: Sisterhood and the Sororal Bond in Jane Austen,” April 2008

Kris Mecholsky, “The Wandering Apostate: Catholic, Southern, and Noir Elements in the pre-Postmodernist Fiction of James M. Cain,” April 2008

Nileah Bell, “Harlem Renaissance in DC,” April 2008 

Liana Houdershell, “The Monster You Know: Teaching Stephen King in Academia,” April 2007

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