Writing Samples

The following samples showcase my writing in a number of different media and for a variety of audiences and purposes: blog posts, popular web essays, encyclopedia entries, visual stories, grant and project proposals at various stages of formality, assessment reports, and websites. Several of these pieces are co-authored. Want to see a single-authored academic essay? Sure! If you’d like to see something not represented here, please contact me.

“Optimal Canvas Setup,” a series of how-to blog posts about using Canvas more effectively (2022) — see also “short form articles

UX guidelines for students creating annotations in XML for Literature in Context, detailing XML form, research parameters, and writing style

Co-written popular-academic essay on 18th-Century Common, a public humanities forum, focused on why we need better digital anthologies in the classroom

Encyclopedia entry on Silent Film, published in Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia (2011)

Ghost written press release (2018)

Selected Instagram-ready images for a campaign to promote a new program that launched Fall 2020, using a unified style

“Write Now” Internal Program Proposal to develop a new writing event partnering with local non-profits to serve both students and organizations

UX guidelines / style guide for undergraduate student assistants managing social media

Co-authored essay on #WriteWithAphra, a pandemic writing group for women in higher education

Successfully-funded multi-authored federal grant proposal for the initial development of Literature in Context: An Open Anthology of Literature

Program assessment report (email for access)

Exploratory data analysis R-Pub focusing on private 4-year institutions serving 2,000-5,000 students

Interactive infographic, “Race & the Tenure-Track, 2013-2019,” inspired by a Chronicle of Higher Education article

Screenshot of the Dashboard

Non-profit advocacy website for the Virginia Humanities Conference, principally used to disseminate and maintain an archive of information about the annual conference, collect registration fees, and build membership

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