Summer Projects

I think I’ve finally convinced myself that the term is over! Now, I can begin considering my summer projects, since I’ve had a nice couple of weeks to myself. A colleague has started “Academics Anonymous,” an interdisciplinary workshop the goal of which is to keep us on track and give us all a few more pairs of eyes on our work. We had our first meeting last week, and this week, we’re going over a draft of mine–“‘All deformed Shapes’: Figuring the Posture Master as Popular Performer in Early Eighteenth-Century England.” I’d presented it some weeks ago at the Popular Culture Association conference in San Antonio, and my goal is to get it finished, polished, and sent to the Journal of Popular Culture.

Other projects on the horizon include rereading Clarissa with a couple of facebook friends and colleagues–I haven’t read it in about four years, and I think I need to see it as more than a threat for students who find our coursework too substantial.  It works well as a threat, of course, looming there as it does over my left shoulder, but I miss sinking into a good c18 novel–and having someone to talk about it with, however informally, is a real pleasure.

It’s also the end of my fifth year at Marymount, and needless to say, I’ve got to prepare the tenure portfolio.  I have no idea how long it will take, but putting the narrative together just so seems like it will be close to the death of me.  Hoping to request references from some new friends; I’m always petrified about that, worried that either someone will say “No,” or “Don’t you think there’s someone more suited as a reference?” But, for now, I will put off the anxiety by tidying my essay, reading over some initial comments, and thinking about next steps. Onward!

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