Hacking the Academy

Announcing Hacking the Academy, The Edited Volume: Table of Contents

One year after our call for participation at THATCamp 2010, we are pleased to announce the table of contents of Hacking the Academy, The Edited Volume. The contributions listed below will appear both online at a new open access website being developed by MPublishing and in print under the University of Michigan Press digitalculturebooks imprint. We will be contacting authors with permission requests for the print volume, but we also ask that everyone listed here release their original contribution under a CC-BY license to clear rights for the new website. (If you’re listed in the table of contents, please @-reply @Mdigitalculture on Twitter: “I license my work under CC-BY” and please add this license wherever your original piece appeared so we can move quickly forward. Thanks.)

We want to extend our sincere thanks to the nearly two hundred scholars who participated in this experiment. We apologize that we weren’t able to include everyone’s work in the print volume. Even those of you whose work is included may find it considerably abbreviated. These hard editorial choices reflect the constraints of space and the requirements of coverage and coherence we placed upon ourselves, not a lack of quality. Every contribution remains available on the main Hacking the Academy website.

The hard work of giving every contribution its due, editing and combining more than fifty independently authored pieces of all lengths and styles into a single, coherent, readable volume, and navigating the uncharted legal waters that a work like this presents took longer than we had wanted. We appreciate your patience and hope that the work we have done will make for smoother sailing for anyone crazy enough to try something like this in the future.

Thank you.

Tom and Dan

Hacking the Academy: The Edited Volume


Preface | Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt

Why “Hacking”? | Tad Suiter

Hacking Scholarship

Getting Yourself Out of the Business in Five Easy Steps | Jason Baird Jackson

Burn the Boats/Books | David Parry

Reinventing the Academic Journal | Jo Guldi

Reading the Writing | Michael O’Malley

Voice: Blogging | Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Mark Sample, Dan Cohen

The Crisis of Audience and the Open Access Solution | John Unsworth

Open Access Publishing | Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Open Access and Scholarly Values: A Conversation | Dan Cohen, Stephen Ramsay, and Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Voices: Sharing One’s Research | Chad Black, Mark Sample

Making Digital Scholarship Count | Mills Kelly

Theory, Method, and Digital Humanities | Tom Scheinfeldt

Hacking Teaching

Dear Students | Gideon Burton

Lectures are Bullshit | Jeff Jarvis

From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able | Michael Wesch

Voices: Classroom Engagement | Mills Kelly, David Doria, Rey Junco

Digital Literacy and the Undergraduate Curriculum | Jeff McClurken, Jeremy Boggs, Adrianne Wadewitz, Anne Ellen Geller, and Jon Beasley-Murray

What’s Wrong with Writing Essays: A Conversation | Mark Sample and Kelly Schrum

Assessment versus Innovation | Cathy Davidson

A Personal Cyberinfrastructure | Gardner Campbell

Voices: Learning Management Systems | Matt Gold, Jim Groom

Hacking the Dissertation | Ansastasia Salter

How to Read a Book in One Hour | Larry Cebula

Hacking Institutions

The Absent Presence: A Conversations | Brian Croxall and David Parry

Uninvited Guests: Twitter at Invitation-only Events | Bethany Nowviskie

Unconferences | Ethan Watrall, James Calder, and Jeremy Boggs

Voices: Twitter at Conferences | Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Jason B. Jones, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Amanda French

The Entropic Library | Andrew Ashton

The Wrong Business for Libraries | Christine Madsen

Re-imagining Academic Archives | Christopher J. Prom

Interdisciplinary Centers and Spaces | Stephen Ramsay and Adam Turner

Take an Elective | Sharon Leon

Voices: Interdisciplinarity | Ethan Watrall, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, David Parry


An Open Letter to the Forces of Change | Jennifer Howard

The Trouble with Digital Culture | Tim Carmody

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