Innovations in Teaching and Scholarship (2011)

This year’s Innovations conference is nigh upon us, and I’ll be presenting in the 10:30 1:00-2:30 workshop slot before after lunch to my faculty colleagues. The topic? Google Takes Over, But WordPress is Waiting: Sites, Blogs, and Calendars. Please swing by if you have questions, want to play around with Google Sites and WordPress, or learn how to use your Google calendar more effectively!

Are you hearing things about Google calendar, but don’t quite know how to use it or what it can do? Did you know that students can use Google sites to create and maintain portfolios and other webpages—would you like to know more? What about our University-wide WordPress blogging platform installation? Don’t be afraid—come play with us!

I’ll be going over how to use Google Sites and MUblog, and then answering any questions folks have about Google Calendar, Starfish’s interface with Google, and so on.

Update: Please note that when you’re using MUblog, and creating a new site, your site name must have no spaces or punctuation. However, your title may be as descriptive as you like it! This information is not in the handout, linked above. Thanks everyone for coming!

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