New projects, things left undone (for now)

So, every morning when I get up, I see the copy of the book I’m currently reviewing, and I berate myself for not finishing the thing! I’ve gotten about 1/4 of the way through, and I’ve looked over sample reviews from Restoration, but I’m struggling with completion. The book is a collection of essays of varying lengths–and a vast number of them–which means that the review needs must be selective. That project continues, for the moment.

And in keeping with my tendencies toward procrastination, I’ve agreed to three new projects in the past week! One, working as a volunteer web developer for Aphra Behn Online, one as a reviewer for NEH start-up grants in the digital humanities, and one as a beta tester for 18thConnect. I’m really looking forward to getting started–though here’s hoping I can finish everything else!

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