Busy, Busy, Busy!

Last week was busy, busy, busy. After returning from the American Society for Eighteenth-Century studies conference in Richmond, itself a whirlwind event, I found returning to classes a bit overwhelming. Peter Karapetkov, Dr. K, and Stephanie Szkutak graciously agreed to sit in for me in my classes, and I think everything worked out alright from their notes. Many piles of paper later, I now think we’re back on track. The fourth project in composition seems to be progressing–and we’ll have quite a bit of time to work on it before the end of the term, which is good; my world literature students will begin working on their last essay; and the theater history class is in the home stretch. I’m particularly eager to note that the theater history projects and essays seemed to benefit nicely from Peter’s visit, and in individual conferences students have really refined their ideas.

I went to a few events last week, notably Fuente Ovejuna at the Shakespeare Theatre, which hosted a student production from Gala Hispanic Theater–Jasmyne was able to make it there, as well, so I’ll be seeing a review from her shortly! The Blue Ink poetry reading occurred on the same night, so I trundled back to campus to see that; I was disappointed by the headliner and especially the rather obnoxious and self-aggrandizing band–in a student event, the students should be featured, not treated as an opportunity to show how jazzy you can be. Rrr. Last night, I went to the student film festival, which apparently ran into some troubles during the first half–stuck in the unforseen Cherry Blossom Festival traffic in DC, I missed the first two hours. The second half, however, went well, and we were treated to a very interesting documentary about a controversial video game. After experiencing technological failures on that scale, I like to imagine, students will be more understanding of what instructors go through on a daily basis!

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