A new term and…a clean desk?

The Fall 2009 term is just about to begin, and I’ve been madly prepping, trying to get as much done as possible before classes overwhelm me. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time experimenting with new technologies, putting together research tutorials for posting to the web, and cleaning out my office, which is in the process of being overwhelmed, itself, with paper. Which is ironic, given my penchant for things electronic. Perhaps that is another problem to procrastinate over/with–how best to go paperless, keeping in mind the need for easy accessiblity? So, my desk isn’t quite clean, yet, though I hope it’s getting there.

This summer has been both productive and non-productive, depending on where you stand or what kind of mood you’re in… I taught a summer World Literature course, which was a lot of fun but also full of difficulties, as we had only 5 students enrolled. Any problem became magnified five-fold, it seemed. But, I did a wet run of a video research project assignment I’d been wanting to try out; most projects were successful, though I say that fully acknowledging the rather open-ended nature of the assignment parameters, which was one thing I learned about such a project. The more steps along the way that have deadlines and can be graded, the better! I will rework the assignment and try it again, so if anyone out there has suggestions, drop me a note.

I participated in a summer seminar at West Virginia University on Gender and Disability Studies, with Robert McRuer, and that was engaging on so many levels–I’ve been trying to return to my dissertation, carve out a few articles and so on, and the seminar gave me a jump start. Now I’ve got a whole stack of books on popular culture and embodiment sitting on the kitchen island, waiting to be read. Very impressed with Rethinking Popular Culture; the introduction is wide-ranging and theoretically sophisticated, but intensely readable and lucid.

Other things: sent off a paper proposal for ASECS 2010, as well as a roundtable proposal, but haven’t yet gotten around to the annotation I need to do for the Routledge ABES…. Altogether, I feel rather less than more productive. And this upcoming term, with three preps, one entirely new, likely won’t make me rethink that statement!

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