Web 2.0 Teaching Roundtable

Happily, I’ll also be presenting the results of my pedagogical experiments in EN/HU501 this term at the 2010 ASECS conference in Albuquerque! Last night, we explored the basics of the Omeka resources database, and virtually the entire class has taken a look; everyone seems interested in participating in this experiment by contributing to it, so I’m going to revise the archive assignment to reflect this. It seems unecessary to have students turn in a hard copy of all their resources to me if they will be available in the archive.

I also introduced zotero to my students, and no one seems to have had much prior experience with it; additionally, no one seems inclined to bring personal laptops to class, so I think I’ll have to reconsider how the class library will work. I’ve altered the library settings to be open to everyone. Next class, we’ll browse through it and if students don’t have zotero accounts, I can walk them through the process. I’ll know more after our Wednesday meeting, and from any emails I receive in response to the archive assignment.

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