No, most definitely not…

Yesterday, I made some progress on displaying file author names in a new column on the front page–figured out how the WORK-TYPES document is called and accessed, how data is retrieved from it, decided it would be better to pull the names directly from the data files, and did it. Sort of. I was running into a problem returning three of the same set of three names for texts with more than one author. But that’s beside the point.

Up I rose this morning, bright-eyed and all, ready to work on my application.

Instead, I saw this:

My morning has been ruined by this.
My morning has been ruined.

Here’s the log in long form. I’m not really sure what happened–things were going swimmingly, yesterday. The DB started, but neither the dashboard nor exide fired, and when I went directly to the app in the browser, I also got some errors. Luckily, I downloaded the app into .XAR, so I have a backup (though I’m not sure how much progress I’d made after downloading the app). I pulled a few other files for backup, and then I downloaded the new eXist release candidate, thinking I could just reinstall and all would be well. But, no. The reinstall worked fine, but the errors are all still there.

To the Internets!

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