Recovering the DB


And so it begins: this is what greeted me when I started eXist after, apparently, mucking about in expathrepo when I wasn’t supposed to. What follows is basically a screenshot diary of the recovery process–I’m not sure I really want to revisit it, but perhaps I’ll come back and add a narrative later…

Yuck. But click into the Java Client, which still works, and you can do the repairs.

ss15 ss16

I think the backup at this point didn’t make much difference. Always back stuff up!
First attempt at repairing didn’t work because the expathrepo directory still existed and therefore couldn’t be rebuilt.
Renaming expathrepo to badbadbad so it can be rebuilt
So many thanks to the twitterverse!
The repair is working!
Repair is done
A new expathrepo directory–now I can delete the corrupted part
Aaaand, we’re back!

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