Wikid Wikipedia: Teaching Toolbox 2019

This year at our Teaching Toolbox, I’ll be leading a breakout session on using Wikipedia in the classroom, and hosting a lunch discussion on writing across the curriculum.

Breakout Session: Wikipedia in the Classroom

The goal with the Wikipedia in the Classroom session is both to debunk some myths about Wikipedia and introduce some more interesting and critical ways (in low stakes contexts) you can use it to build literacy in your classes.

Wikid Wikipedia (presentation)

Sample low-stakes assignment prompts

Lunch Discussion: Writing Across the Curriculum

Join us for an informal lunch discussion to share our experiences with Writing Intensive courses across the curriculum. Questions for discussion: What kinds of writing do your students do? How much writing do you assign? What has worked well? What problems do you encounter? Here are some useful articles to take a look at before we meet:

Why we can’t teach Johnny to write (Inside Higher Ed)

Implementing writing-to-learn approaches in STEM (GradHacker)

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