Crash course in Zoom

Today I’m going to go over the basics of Zoom for those Marymount University faculty who are interested in or curious about using it for online teaching. I’m going to try not to talk too much, but I do want to walk you through the features, settings, and options before we try a group meeting. Which I’m sure will get a bit chaotic, depending on how many folks join, but hey—these are trying times, so that’s what we’ll do: try.

In my experience, Zoom is pretty easy to use—very intuitive. So, I’m not going to create a handout; there are tons out there already, along with lots of training materials and tips. Google it! If you do want a handout, here’s a fantastic step-by-step from Liz Lawley at RIT. Note that some screens will look a bit different for you.

Here are my slides.

Here is the URL for our group meeting.

Here is a video I made with Zoom explaining again the next essay project for any stragglers who weren’t in class before spring break. You can appreciate the quality of the video and the sound, as well as the captioning. Which really exposes your verbal tics, and which can be edited. Thankfully!

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